FAQ's For Consignors

1. What is the consignor's cut?  Consignments offers a choice of a 50-50 split or a 40-60 split.  You choose! 50% to you is offered in store credit.  40% to you is offered in a payment of a check to you, payable on the 10th of the following month that your item was sold.

2. How are the prices of consignments established? We take great care and time in appraising all items consigned.  We evaluate the condition of each item for cleanliness, repair, and age.  We also take into consideration the design and demand of said items.  We research as much as needed until we are fully satisfied that the value established is appropriate for the item IN OUR AREA. Our research gives us more information on the manufacturer or history of the item, so we can more intelligently describe it to the buyer. 

3.  Is there a contract to be signed?  Yes.  Every consignor MUST sign a contract to leave items in the store. Please visit the home page to read the contract in its entirety. Once the account is opened with a signed contract, the consignor may bring additional items as needed, for as long as needed. Only one contract will ever need to be signed

4. What period of time are consignments kept for?  The original term is 90 days plus a 7 day window to pick up unsold items.  Sometimes an extension is made for an additional month and perhaps a 5th month, on some occasions. 

5. What are the consignor's responsibilities under the contract? A consignor will have ONE or TWO things to do when they sign a contract with Consignments: The one thing that ALL consignors MUST do is to keep track of the expiration date of their consigned items. Due to the large volume of consignors, we do not have the software or time to track each consignors expiration dates.  Once items are priced, we will email you (if you provide us with an email) an item list, with prices and pick up dates.  You may also call us anytime and check on your account. Please ask for the expiration dates on your account, and make sure you mark it on your calendar.

The second thing to do is to pick up checks on or after the 10th of each month for any item that has sold on your account.  This ONLY applies to consignors who do not wish to have the check mailed to them for a $1.00 fee. You may also provide us with SELF ADDRESSED STAMPED ENVELOPEs (SASE) and we will be happy to drop your check in the mail.

6. What happens if items are not picked up during the 7 day window?  Any items that are not retrieved during the 7 day pick up period are gifted to the store, which means they will no longer belong to the consignor and become store property.  This helps us plan for the usage of our precious floor space.  It also discourages some from using our shop as "FREE STORAGE."

We realize that "life happens!" We want to help any way we can to accommodate your schedule. If there is any issue with the pick up period, please call us PRIOR to the expiration of your items to arrange a new date that better suits your schedule, if possible.

7. Can consigned items be picked up prior to the end of the term? Once the items have been consigned, we have taken the time to sign a contract and explain the process. We also start the appraisal process, which all means that we have invested our time in your items. We are extremely busy and need to have our time count.  A consignor may remove items prior to the end of the term, for a fee.

8. What happens to items that consignor allowed to become expired?Items that are not picked up during the pick up period become property of Consigments.  We attempt, at our discretion, to sell said items.  If items do not sell, eventually they are donated to local charities, such as Habitat For Humanity, Safe's Attic Interiors, and other local thift stores.  Please let us know if you have a charity that we may donate items to.  Often times, whichever Non-profit can come pick up items first, gets the donations!!

9. What is the process ofaccepting consignments?  You may email us photos or bring us your phone, tablet or Ipad so we may discuss your options while viewing your photos .  We accept only items that are clean and in good repair and gently used.  We DO NOT accept any items that have been exposed to cigarrette smoke.  We will NOT accept any item if we detect any pet odors or pet hair.




FAQ's For Customers/Clients

1. What is Consignments' return policy?  No returns, no exchanges. Please inspect all items carefully, prior to purchase.  Although our intention is to inspect all items, so that we can assure you a product that is in good repair, we are still humans.  All items are priced AS IS.

2. How often do we get new furniture and home decor? EVERY DAY!!  Sometimes we are aware of items coming in, sometimes consignors just drive up with new items and surprise us.  We are happy either way!

3. Where does the inventory come from? We receive inventory or consignments from estates; residents that are downsizing and no longer need as much furniture; new residents moving to the area and their furniture does not work in their new space; homeowners that are redecorating a specific room or corner in their home for an updated look; smart people who wake up one day and decide to quit paying storage fees and bring us stuff they never use; attic and basement clean-outs, etc.

4. Do we deliver? YES!! We are the least expensive delivery service in the area.  If you purchase items that require delivery, we can get it into your home the next day of purchase, and sometimes, the same day of purchase (if its early enough). We have a furniture moving truck, with padded sides, for safe delivery to your home.

5. Will you "HOLD" an item so I can go measure? We encourage you to ask to put a "hold" on any item, if you are not sure it will fit your space, or need to check if the color or pattern will match your decor.  In our shop, a "hold" means that YOU get first dibs.  We will take your phone number and give you 24 hours to make a decision on the item BUT, if another customer is interested in the same item, we will call you.  YOU MUST ANSWER THE CALL!!  We will ask you if you will be purchasing it.  If you want to buy it, it's yours.  If you decline, we sell it to the next customer. If you do not answer the call, we sell it to the next customer. 


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